Maps in Excel

Monthly Master Class - Episode 03

Maps in Excel - Monthly Master Class - Episode 03

Highlights of this course

Introductions to Excel Maps
Overview of mapping techniques
5 Case studies on Excel Maps
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Maps based visualizations in Excel – now easy

Maps are insightful and easy to read. Learn how to embed map based visualizations in to your Excel workbooks / dashboards with this masterclass. We cover 5 in-depth case studies to help you learn powerful ways to get maps in to Excel.
Topics covered in this Master Class:

  • Introduction to mapping
  • Why maps in Excel?
  • Overview of 5 key mapping techniques
  • XY scatter plot map case study
  • Bubble graph map case study
  • Shapes and VBA based maps case study
  • Heat maps & cell grid based maps case study
  • How to use 3D maps / Power Maps in Excel – case study
  • Conclusions

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