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Friends, readers & supporters of Chandoo.org,

I am very glad to announce my newest book – the vlookup book to help you become awesome in answering any lookup related question.

What is this book?

These days, any kind of work involves understand data & answering questions. Whether you are a school teacher or drilling site manager, you are always answering questions like, “What is the GPA of Sam in Grade 6?”, “Who dug the hole number 6925?”. And how do we answer these questions?

Using Excel of course. And this is where the ubiquitous VLOOKUP formula comes in to picture. Along with few other formulas like MATCH, INDEX & SUMIFS, VLOOKUP can let you answer almost any data related question you have.

And my latest book helps you do this better. The vlookup book is a no-nonsense guide to demystifying VLOOKUP formula and its cousins, so that you can answer any question related to your data without wasting too much time.

5star-rating on Amazon for the vlookup bookComprehensive and easy to understand

This is a book for everyone who uses Vlookup. Most of us think… Oh.. I already know the function. But this book will open your eyes to some brilliant techniques which can be used across Excel.

If you use Excel but have never used Vlookup, then you need this book desperately.
– Dr. Nitin Paranjape, Microsoft MVP

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The Vlookup eBook

Excel Vlookup Book by Chandoo, ebook version

What you get?

  • The Vlookup eBook (Kindle or PDF version)
  • Example workbook with more than 50 formulas

$9.99 only

The Vlookup eBook + vBook combo

Excel Vlookup Book by Chandoo, ebook + vbook version

What you get?

  • The Vlookup video Book (14 chapters, 4 hrs of video)
  • The Vlookup eBook (PDF version)
  • Example workbook with more than 50 formulas
  • 3 bonus lessons on new concepts

$49.99 only

Combo Offer

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What do customers say about this book?

Read the testimonials.

5star-rating on Amazon for the vlookup bookSolid introduction to lookup functions

This books does a wonderful job of taking each of the lookup functions available in Excel, breaking them down to a simple, easy-to-understand level, and then showing many examples of how these functions work.

Things I loved most:
– Having an example workbook to follow along with. We all learn better by actually doing the problem, and dealing with Excel is no exception.
– Reference links embedded in book. As you read through the chapters, there are lots of hyperlinks to articles that give additional information about different topics. This adds to the usefulness of this book as a sort of “roadmap” to learning about these functions.
– Humor. =) Chandoo knows that not everyone absolutely LOVES working with Excel, so injecting some humor into the reading helps break up what might otherwise by a dry subject, into a fun read.

Lucas Moraga

5star-rating on Amazon for the vlookup bookExcellent Excel Resource

Buy it. Click now! I’ve been a longtime student of Chandoo and his new book will not disappoint you. There are other Excel books, but none will explain lookup functions to you in such simple and easy to understand format. If you are really serious about learning Excel (lookup functions make magic happen in your workbook), purchase the videos also. Chandoo has a very straight forward way of teaching in his videos. In addition, go to his website and check out the forums. He has amazing contributors that are quick to respond and help you learn Excel. Why are you still reading this? Go buy the book!!!
Dana Von Scoy

I bought and read your book, including doing all of the homework tasks, within a few hours. I enjoyed it as you have a very engaging style, including your humorous interludes.
Duncan W

Bought the book in PDF format and had my first quick look; already have learned some useful tricks.
Matt Healy

I got my VLOOKUP book from Amazon yesterday and it looks like a great book! I’m especially impressed by the example file that goes with the book, extremely easy to follow, especially with the formulas shown right next to your examples.

It makes it very easy to translate your examples into my real-world need. Thanks!

Hi Purna, So glad that you have created this book for people like me who spend lot of time using Excel to conduct basic data mining using VLOOKUP function a lot.

Thank you & Enjoy

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement to Chandoo.org. Without you, I could not have written this book and published it. Go ahead and get a copy of the book. Enjoy it and become awesome in lookup formulas.