Special offer on 50 ways to analyze data course

for webinar attendees

Thank you so much for attending my webinar on “How to be a BETTER Analyst”. Here is how your special offer works:

When you join 50 ways program, you will get 60 minutes of bonus content on “Excel Slicers for Analysts”. This is valued at $47 and will be yours for free. To avail this offer:

  1. Join in the 50 ways to analyze data course
  2. Email purna.duggirala.va@gmail.com with the subject “webinar offer”
  3. Include your enrollment details (name, email and transaction number)
  4. We will send the special video for free by August 20th.

Avail special offer on 50 ways program

Hurry up! this offer is valid only until 20th of July, 2015 (Monday, midnight, pacific time).