Power BI Weekend

LIVE ON 18 & 19 NOV

🕝 UK: 5AM ~ INDIA: 10:30AM ~ USA(Seattle): 9PM

What is the Power BI Weekend?

Imagine beginning the weekend saying “I don’t know Power BI” and ending it with “I know Power BI”.  That is what Power BI Weekend is.

It is a 4 hour (2 hours on Saturday and 2 more on Sunday) live event where I help you understand how to use Power BI to solve real world problems. We start the with a sample dataset and end it with 2 full-fledge reports built in Power BI.

You will learn:

  • What is Power BI? How to use it?
  • Power BI vs Power Query vs. Power Pivot
  • Understanding Power BI Visual interactions & customizing them
  • Data cleanup and transformations with PQ
  • Setting up a star schema data model
  • Creating and using DAX measures 
  • Interactive storytelling in Power BI
  • Saving & publishing your work
  • Resources to learn more
  • Q&A with you
This is the first course that I have attended with you. I've already told my supervisor that I can't wait to take another one.
Angie W
Joined live session in Oct 2023

What happens in the weekend?

What happens in Power BI weekend,
stays with you forever 🙂

Saturday (Day 1)

Today you will learn what is Power BI and how to use it.

18 Nov, 2023

Getting Started with Power BI

  • How to load your data into Power BI?
  • Creating your first visuals
  • Working with interactions
  • Saving & publishing your work
18 Nov, 2023

Data Cleaning with Power Query

  • What is PQ?
  • Transformations in PQ
  • Adding columns
  • Data types
  • Loading data to Power BI
18 Nov, 2023

Working with Power Pivot

  • What is PP?
  • Data Modeling in Power BI
  • Implicit vs. Explicit measures
  • Creating your first DAX measure
  • 5 Measure examples
18 Nov, 2023


I will spend extra 30 minutes at the end to answer any questions you may have.

18 Nov, 2023

Sunday (Day 2)

Today you will learn how to analyze data and make your first business dashboard with Power BI

19 Nov, 2023

5 Business Questions answered with Power BI

  • The 5 questions
  • How to use visual filters
  • How to use tool-tips
  • How to use "Explain" feature
  • How to use conditional formatting
  • How to use card & table visuals
19 Nov, 2023

Business Dashboard

  • Create a dashboard with Power BI
  • Working with interactions
  • Page formatting
  • Saving & publishing the dashboard
  • Data updates & Refresh process
19 Nov, 2023


I will spend extra 30 minutes at the end to answer any questions you may have.

19 Nov, 2023

Who is this for?

Power BI Day - Who is this for?
If you are...

Keen to learn Power BI

Work with data

Not sure where to begin

this is for you

  • If you work with data and keen to learn about Power BI, this live course is perfect for you.
  • While this course is not for “advanced” users, even intermediate level Power BI users can benefit from some topics.
  • You do not need prior Excel experience to enjoy this program.

Where & When?

Start times in various time zones (on each day)
Power BI Weekend (start-times)

The event will be ONLINE on Zoom. 

I will send your meeting invite link one week before the start.

  • We start at 6PM (New Zealand time) 
  • on 18 & 19th of November
  • and finish at 8 PM.
  • India – 10:30 AM, 18 & 19 November
  • UK – 5 AM, 18 & 19 November
  • New York – Midnight, 18 & 19 November
  • Seattle – 9PM, 17 & 18 November (-1)
  • Auckland – 6 PM, 18 & 19 November
  • Sydney – 4 PM, 18 & 19 November
  • Singapore – 1PM, 18 & 19 November

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Power BI Weekend
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  • Power BI Essentials
  • Recording Download
  • Community Access

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People ❤ my live training...

Overall I learned a lot and I thought you did a great job of explaining how to do things. This will definitely elevate my reporting in the future.
Rebekah S
Joined live session in Oct 2023
This is the first course that I have attended with you. I've already told my supervisor that I can't wait to take another one.
Angie W
Joined live session in Oct 2023
Wonderful & Awesome explanation... Learnt a Lot... Thanks Chandoo...
Joined live session in Feb 2022
You are just awesome, it's one thing to have the knowledge and a totally different thing to share it so simply.
Joined live session in Sep 2022
Great bootcamp! Worth every penny.
John A
Joined live session in Oct 2023
Hi Chandoo 👋 You really have a great knack for educating ppl on Excel applications. I have learnt alot from your online videos and tutorials and it pushed me into learning PQ and now I'm building PQ templates for my work for routine tasks and stuff!.. thanks again for generously sharing your knowledge and making an impact always 😌
M Kader
Joined live session in Oct 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need?

You need Zoom or Teams (will be advised later) to join the live meeting. You also need Power BI Desktop application to follow-along or practice.

You need Microsoft Excel to open the sample data files.

What equipment do I need?

You need a PC or Phone to watch the session. To ask questions, you need a mic.

Any prior Power BI / Excel experience needed?

You don’t need prior Power BI knowledge. But having some data experience (in Excel/SQL/Tableau etc.) can be beneficial. 

I can’t attend the live session as I am getting married / sleeping / away on a treasure hunt…

You can purchase the recording option if you can’t attend or stay for the full thing. Save me a gold doubloon.

Will you run this again?

Power BI Weekend is a one-off event for now. I might re-run it in 2024. Meanwhile, you can still get my self-paced Power BI Course.

Can I buy this for my team?

Sure. You get 25% discount if you purchase 3 or more tickets in one go (only on the Live+Recording option)

What is the “Community Access”?

This is an invite-only online group where you can share your Power BI work, questions and inspiration with each other.

My question is not listed…

Please email me your question at chandoo.d@gmail.com so I can help you.

Thank you 🙏🏽

My mission is to make one million people AWESOME in their work. I am thankful to you for your love and support all this while. You inspire me to learn, grow and share. Thank you 🙏🏽