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Excel School Student Testimonials

Towards the end of Excel School, I ask my students to share the feedback. More than 130 students have shared their feedback so far. Here is a compilation of answers to the question,

What do you like about Excel School?

You can also see the student rating of the program.

I can view the lessons at my own leisure. They are very clear and easy to understand. Few or no technical difficulties. So completely packed with information that it is almost overload.

I was very surprised that even in the lessons that went over Excel functions that I use every day, there were tidbits of info that I didn’t know about but found very useful. The shortcuts, tips and tricks are so important to anyone who depends on excel to do all/part of their job.

– Monique Ballard

Very good materials and communications

– don hartung

having the videos and being able to review the data at my own leisure

– Raymon David

the Best thing about the school is, its really simple, easy to understand and loads of fun

– Rajatha Rao

I have been a bad student. I need to get started

– Jerry Mattern

The Free time to logging and get the lesson ready to practice.

Fahd AlZahrani

All the little shortcuts that I was unaware of: “Ctrl + 1”, “Shift + Ctrl + arrow key”, etc. The big lessons were helpful, but I use the shortcuts all the time.

– Ben Hey

The best thing is that the lessons are downloadable and can be watched at our own pace. It is also great that there are exercises than can practice and reinforce the skills you are teaching. I also enjoy the personal tidbits that you share with us because it makes me feel more connected in our virtual world

– Donna

Excel school providing a straight forward knowledge sharing
During preparation on videos Chandoo never sat in the teacher seat and all the videos in the excel student perspective.
According to me “Excel is a powerful tool and I felt the power only after attending Chandoo’s online Excel training sessions’

Cipson Thomas

The visual tutorials were the best. I could not have understood without them.

– Allan C Sharpe

Your sense of humor, kindness and enthusiasm for Excel are fantastic. The numerous shortcuts that you teach are invaluable.

– Mary Scott

1) the price
2) video mode of training
3) along with complete spreadsheet

– Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

Tips and your part on the Excel charting was absolutely the best for me.

– Jocelyne Boudreau

The example spreadsheets. The lessons are a bit slow for an advanced user, like myself. I liked the self paced format.

– Alisa

I liked the download and view as one has time. Lessons were very well thought through.

– Dale Onisk

I like to be able to do it at my own pace, and the online videos are very good. Although’ I’m an advanced Excel user, I like having all the lessons available in one place, from the simplest to the most complex, so I can look at simple issues such as conditional formatting, to refresh my memory.

Marian Cantwell

I like the video tutorials and simple explanations

– Oscar

Overview of formulas I never used before.

– Wilfredo Salinas

I think the way the classes were grouped built on the knowledge from the prior sections. I takes some thought how to put this together. I think you did an excellent job.

Wayne Eichler

Simple examples and the excellent narrative

Vivek Gupta

Several things – To learn a lot without having to invest a significant amount of time or money, being able to immediately put some of the lessons into practice and contribute to my job, and having a qualified (and down to earth!) instructor skilled in explaining sometimes complex concepts and program details.

Robert Morgan

It is one of a kind as I have tried looking for online lessons for a while. This is definitely the best and very relevant to what I do. Chandoo is easy to understand and the lessons are well paced. Downloading example excel files was really useful.

Keep up the good work.

– Anthony Schild

the student set their own pace
ability to go back and revise
Content is good, well explained
Supporting material is good

– michael

Pivot Table and Formulae

– Krishna P

Excellent demonstration of lessons with suitable examples and very nicely modulated explanation makes it more than worth the price !1 Also the material you have provided is great !!

– Ravi Srinivas

Chandoo is the best thing about Excel School but I enjoyed the advanced formulas section and charting (as I was a charting novice).

– Oliver

First, the quality of the lessons, but the delivery via the easy of download and ability to go at your own pace is HUGE! That and having access to all the example files to review is invaluable. I get my most benefit from first reviewing the lesson but then “reverse engineering” the sample files. Well Done!

Gaston Wilson

Hands on work…with Excel, that’s really the only way to learn.

Sean Hull

The amount of information and knowledge that can be gained at your own pace.

– Paul Rogers

Wow – Chandoo that’s a fairly tough thing to do – pick the best thing…

There are many things about this class/school that I really appreciate … that is was self paced – that the material was explained so clearly – visually … written examples … I loved that we could all post our comments, solutions, ideas …

The community struggles, questions and additional inputs are great to understanding further – as well as realizing that many people have similar problems [the ‘you are not alone’ is so comfortable] – no one likes to suffer alone – ha ha…

I also enjoyed the emails that you published to us – to keep us updated and in check of where we were and where we might be …

I would recommend this to SO many people – the price is right – I’m not made of money – but really need to get a handle on Functions and VBA – I’m so stressed that I can’t even handle the simple VBA stuff – Loops really throw me – I’m hoping the light will turn on full some day – and not just blink like a Vacancy sign at an old hotel…

Jae Robinson

The videos. SEEING what the lesson is really helps. Just reading Excel lessons isn’t effective for me. I have all kinds of Excel books. But seeing what you are talking about is really good.


The video help a lot of.

– Alvaro

Ability to download lessons

– Paul Daniel

Ability to download content so that I can study at my leisure, with or without an internet connection.

– Michael Connolly

You have taken most of practical scenario and I like the way of approaching every concept.

– maha

The best thing that I learnt from Excel school is vlookup, index, match, graphs, conditional formatting. Although I use them in the past few years, the School help me to understand more.

– Benedict Chan

Lots of good tips and instruction.

– Bill Blackburn

Easy to learn even for a beginner and the interaction is excellent

– Raman R

I am excited to dip my toes into Dashboard reporting with Excel and writing macros to automate the repetitive tasks involved in assimilating data. My dashboards need to include verbiage pointing out problems, as well as charts, trends.

– Robert Rainey

While I won’t say I’m an expert at writing formulae, I generally get by with some concoction or the other at work. But conditional formatting is something I have stayed away from, and now I feel much more confident using it. The other Excel beast I needed to conquer was Pivot Tables. Chandoo’s lessons have simplified it and shown the potential that pictures (or colors in this case) can have on visualizing data, and pivot tables manipulations can have on representing data. Now I have a resource to fall back to whenever I want a refresher. Thanks much.

– JD

The courses are at the right level for me – not too easy, not too hard – and I learned a lot.

– Morgan Saxby

visual and hands on.

– Oscar Noriega

Simple and easy to follow although your I did need to listen carefully because of your accent

– Kevin Solly

Flexibility, Easy to understand and clarity from Chandoo.

– Mehd Raza

Well I just liked the opportunity in taking part in your venture. I wondered before signing up whether it would be value for money as I’d been using Excel for years and also been on various forums so I’ve collected quite a few different tips and tricks and have kept a “library” of different examples. But having said that there’s nothing like having a “teacher” showing you these things (even the slip-ups) and how to correct them. So yes it was great value for money about £6.00 per lesson usually over an hour long as well, but I could do with some more lessons on VBA as I’m no programmer but I love trying to help people with Excel and thats where I’m lacking.

– Roger Mason

Good selection of topics.

Plenty of valuable tips.

It is a useful reference, because I can go back and review parts that I am interested in. (BTW – it may be a good idea to prepare some sort of index so that – eg. Topic a is at 25 minutes in Lesson 7)

– David Coop

The in-depth lessons, the ability to download videos so I can learn at my own pace – online and offline, the examples that are supplied.

– Orin Taylor

– Chandoo, he is the star with so much knowledge & knack to explain things so without him there is no charm attending excel school
– Flexibility, as the topics to be covered were changed, added etc. on the feed-back from class and there was no fixed agenda

– Fakhar Hussain

The scope of the entire class was staggering–in a good way. Formerly, I was completely self-taught. Never touched Excel until I took my first job several years ago out of college. I learned how to write formulas, use keyboard short cuts, and dabble with charts, etc, but it took a while and it was painful. Before this class I had stalled in how much I was able to pick up on my own, too; I was no longer just stumbling over new functionality like I had done previously. These 12 weeks have taught me more than in 3 years of working on my own. Even things I knew (IF, VLOOKUP, Conditional Formatting, cell formatting, etc) I know far better now.

The best thing I learned from this class, however, is how important presentation is. Crafting spreadsheets with both function AND presentation in mind has made me a far better worker. Taking the extra time to improve data organization, formatting, etc. has seriously paid off. Several colleagues and managers have even commented on how much better my work is, too!

I am actually 2 weeks behind, too, (vacation offset everything).

Steve McGuire

Thanks to your website and this course I can’t tell you how much I’ve gained over the past few months…although I will add the caveat that like any business skill, if don’t have the opportunity to practice at work with new assignments then it’s difficult to master.

Having said that, I love the variety of topics covered and while I’m a pretty adept user of Excel and sumif statements aren’t anything new to me I have to say that I learned something new in each lesson.

– Brian Armacost

Teach myself at my own pace. With work and home, finding time has been difficult, but to be able to download the lessons has saved me.

– Karen Cowley

Geared towards “real life” problems

– Govert Vissers

you can go back and watch the video again to refresh and learn stuff you have missed.

– Denice

Very organized step by step approach to learning Excel. Having videos for reference later is the best thing.

– Sunny Malhi

Able to do it at any time, repeat specific items, go at your own pace. Unfortunately this was during a very hectic time for me so I had very limited time to do this so I’m very far behind but would like to be able to fit it in before it’s removed.

– Deborah Miller

Self-paced, examples are good

– Lee Eismann

Good examples, very open and responsive teacher, overall very positive experience

– Greg

I can take the classes whenever I have time, the lessons are easy to follow, all of the information is extremely helpful, I can use what I learn immediately

– allisonc

Lessons are well organized and structured; lots of examples in each lesson; I learned something new in each lesson, even if I was familiar with the topic !

– Michael

I like the interactive style, and having the sample worksheets available is helpful to practice as I watch the lesson

Chris Cormack

The ability to work at my own pace.

– George Costigan

the ability to go at my own pace.

– georgec

I like that it is self paced with the video lessons that are available for download to review multiple times. I thought the price was very reasonable. I am still trying to get through the lessons since I fell behind due to work obligations.

– Pat Carter

Everything. Your big-big knowledge of Excel, your kind and “funny” emails, so everything.

– Eniko Csorba

so easy to be able to understand the methods. Being able to start and pause the video whilst working alongside on a second screen is my preferred method of learning. Most of the downloads can be adapted to my job and suddenly I have, in the eyes of my boss, become an excel expert. cannot think of a better or more efficient method of learning excel. I could never had learned this much from books.
Thank you Purna

– Terry Price

The interactive way of learning
All the great examples I could download
The video downloads so I could watch it in my own time.

– Gina

It’s basic and good to grasp. The only thing is that it’s sometimes hard to translate English (spoken and formulas) to my Dutch.
The other reason that I didn’t follow the lessons in time (until now) is having three little girls at home who need my attention and several home improvement projects.
I am very enthusiastic about your blog and almost spell them.
Please keep up all the good work and enjoy your new life as a dedicated family man!

– Ewoud

I like how you can learn something that you wouldn’t be able to learn on your own. There are many things to learn and to have someone demonstrate those things to you visually is so valuable. I really enjoyed it. I wish I had more time to go through the lessons at the same pace as the lessons were posted. I did download everything so I can refer back to the lessons if I need to.

– Mara Dykstra

I enrolled with Excel School as my work were migrating from Excel 2003 to Excel 2007. I had always considered myself as an advanced user with previous versions so I wanted to get a heads up on some of the new features i.e. superior conditional formatting

What I got from the course was a whole lot more ! My top 3 benefits being :

1) It met my initial needs of learning a few new tricks in 2007
2) It made me re-evaluate the way I worked Excel to deliver my results
– Excel School is full of new innovative ways to crunch and communicate data.
– “If you always do what your’ve always done, you always get what you always had”. Can’t remember who’s quote that was, but it’s true of this situation !
3) Re-energized my passion and excitement for learning
– I’ve always loved working with Excel, but enrolling on the course gave me the kick to take my existing skills to the next level.

Lessons used a variety of methods (example Excel downloads, video, explanations, blog questions etc) – all of which were clear, concise and to the point.

– Ceri Williams

There were many different topics.

– Bridget Ekhaml

I enjoyed learning about the new, innovative features of Excel. Watching them used in ways that differ from what I have become accustomed to doing is probably the biggest benefit for me. I appreciate having the option to download lessons so I could watch them anywhere and revisit when needed. The most mind-expanding topic for me was your usage of the SUMPRODUCT formula. Very clever!

– Robert Kriza

I like the lesson material covered. It is very applicable to my every day job.

Valerie Sipe

1. Introduction of concepts with good examples that are easy to follow
2. Good tips and shortcuts for Excel 2003 and 2007
3. As we can download the example files and videos we can work at our own pace and also refer back as needed

– Sundeep Nangalia

I liked the flexibility to study each week lesson at leisure time…. also that the videos show you how to use excel options and functions….. I really like it…. and I would like that in future you could give us more about VBA programming for excel o more about indicators boards for enterprises…. in general I really like the excel school program it is very complete and probably we can go for another level in excel….thanks

РJorge Becerra Guill̩n

Competent teacher.

Lessons seems to cover most common Excel topics.

And I like to help people like you who spent most of their free time during several years to share their knowledge for free and help others…

– norbertoc

I hope to see you in Excel School.

About Your Teacher – Chandoo:

Welcome to Excel School.
At Chandoo,org, I have one goal – “to make you awesome in Excel”. I have started writing about Excel in year 2007. To date, I have authored more than 350 tutorials, articles and how-to guides and trained 150 students and made them awesome in Excel. I have received prestigious MVP award from Microsoft in years 2009 and 2010.
I hope to see you in Excel School.

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