A simple trick to make your dashboards user friendly [video]

Posted on August 16th, 2015 in Cool Infographics & Data Visualizations , Learn Excel - 4 comments

Whenever you have a dashboard that is quite long or spans across multiple worksheet tabs, it can be hard to use. Here is a simple trick to make your dashboards user friendly.

If your dashboard has form controls, create duplicate sets of them and place them in locations where users are looking.

For example, If your dashboard has an option to select product category at the top, you can copy paste the category form control at the bottom too.

For more explanation on this technique, watch below video:

You may watch this video on our YouTube Channel too.

Download Example Workbook

Please click here to download example dashboard for this lesson.

Other ideas to make your dashboards awesome:

How do you make your dashboards awesome?

What little tricks & hacks you use to make your dashboards user friendly & awesome? Please share your tips in the comments section.

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4 Responses to “A simple trick to make your dashboards user friendly [video]”

  1. Petros says:

    Here is a link to Chandoo's downloadable Example Workbook, enhanced with ribbon icons. Macros must be enabled, so ribbon VBA callbacks can run


    Icons are copyrighted material, please do not reuse or extract from workbook. Feel free to use VBA or XML code without attribution. XML code produced using the Ribbon Commander framework

  2. Jayant says:

    Thanks for the quick great trick. I have a dashboard having 8 tabs On main Page and I have form controls ( radio buttons). However the data is coming from Pivot tables. Can the same trick be used on pivots as well ? ( specifically the filters user selected on main tab ).

    best regards

  3. jhbf says:

    Using Pivot Table + Slicer could have been an alternative to SUM.IF.ENS function, adding some more flexibility (showing values for a selection of several states...).
    Thanks for your ideas.

  4. Ramesh says:

    I'm using dashboard frequently but I didn't try to give same reference to different form control.
    This is very useful to me.
    Thanks Chandoo.

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