Please join 50 ways to analyze data course to become an awesome analyst

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Hi friends & readers of

I am very happy to invite you to our newest online class, 50 ways to analyze your data. This program is aimed to make you an awesome analyst, training you on vital skills like data analysis, data science, visualization of outputs, modeling business problems and finding best solutions.

Please click here to know more about this program & enroll.

What is this course?

50 Ways to analyze your data - an online course from to make you a better analyst

It is the age of big data. Alas, what we need is big insights. But finding even small insights buried in our data is a hard task. To find the stories hidden in your data, you need to follow a process like this:

  1. Collect & clean data
  2. Structure the data
  3. Model business problems
  4. Analyze the data (or solve the problem)
  5. Visualize results
  6. Find conclusions
  7. Add layers of complexity to the problem
  8. Build what-if scenarios
  9. Reach conclusions
  10. Take action

This is where the 50 ways to analyze your data course helps. In this program, we analyze 50 familiar, important and diverse business situations using several of the above steps.

My goal is to make you say “YES” every-time your boss asks “Can you analyze this data and tell me what is going on?”

Can I join 50 ways course?

If you are an analyst or manager, running a business or handle resources / people / projects, you will certainly need this course.

You need at least intermediate or higher level of Excel knowledge.

If you have difficulties with VLOOKUPS, INDEX+MATCHES, Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting & Form controls, then please consider for enrolling Excel School + 50 Ways bundle option for best results.

This course works best with Excel 2013, Excel 2010 or Excel 2007. Most of the concepts we teach are universal and can be applied to Excel 2003, Excel for Mac (2011 & 2014) as well with minor tweaks to downloadable workbooks.

What is covered in this course?

As the name suggests, 50 ways to analyze data contains 50 video lessons, each exploring one analysis technique or situation.

You can consume these lessons in any order. The only requirement is that you should be good with Excel. If you are a beginner, I suggest enrolling for the option – Advanced Excel + 50 Ways course package.

Let’s see the lesson plan.

General Analysis techniques (24 lessons):

  • Moving averages
  • Weighted averages
  • Top 5 / bottom 5 analysis (2 lessons)
  • Trend analysis (4 lessons)
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Visual analysis of distribution (2 lessons)
  • Budget vs. Actual analysis (3 lessons)
  • How many items are due?
  • Overlapping dates & times
  • Monthly totals from daily data
  • Quarterly totals & reporting from data (2 lessons)
  • Unique & duplicate data analysis
  • Panel charts
  • XY Relationship analysis & charts
  • Indexed charts
  • Word frequency & sentiment analysis

Marketing & Operations analysis techniques (12 lessons):

  • Pareto analysis & charting
  • Us vs. competition analysis & charts
  • Solver & optimization techniques (2 lessons)
  • Planning a project
  • FIFO inventory analysis
  • BCG matrix analysis
  • Random allocation & scheduling (2 lessons)
  • Analytical charts
  • Cluster Analysis using K means technique
  • Finding outliers using K Nearest Neighbors technique

Financial analysis techniques (8 lessons):

  • Break-even analysis
  • Buy vs. Rent analysis
  • Time value of money
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • 2 way data tables & what if analysis
  • Internal rate of return
  • Circular calculations & scenarios
  • Simulation using Data tables

Case studies (6 lessons):

  • Case studies on detailed analysis reports, dashboards & articles featured on hall of fame.

Bonus material:

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Techniques on working with raw data (clean up techniques, connecting to external databases)
  • Special bonus – Excel formula crash course (for Excel School + 50 ways option)
  • Example workbooks for each lesson

Lessons for Advanced Excel (Excel School) module:

This is an optional module you can sign-up for. It includes 32 hours of training on beginner to advanced Excel concepts and dashboard reporting. This module has below lessons:

  • Excel basics – 3 lessons
  • Excel formulas – 11 lessons
  • Advanced formulas – 7 lessons
  • Formatting & presentation of data – 3 lessons
  • Conditional formatting – 3 lessons
  • Excel charting basics – 4 lessons
  • Advanced charting in Excel – 2 lessons
  • Interactive & dynamic charts in Excel -2 lessons
  • Using data validation, sorting & filtering features –
  • Excel Pivot tables – 2 lessons
  • Working with external data – 5 lessons
  • Excel Dashboards – 12 lessons

Sample of what you will learn:

Here are a few analysis & dashboards you will learn how to create:

Example dashboards and analysis techniques you will master in 50 ways + Excel School programs

Interactive Pareto Analysis – Lesson from 50 Ways course
Demo - Pareto Analysis - Lesson in 50 ways to analyze data course

Interactive What-if Cost Benefit Analysis model – Lesson from 50 Ways course

What-if analysis - cost benefit workbook demo

Interactive density plot to analyze distribution – 50 ways course

Interactive density plot - demo from 50 ways to analyze data course

There are many more.

Important Dates

This is a closed online course. The enrolment window is open for 1 week, starting today. So if you want to enrol, you must do so now.

Please keep these dates in mind when joining this class.

  • Enrollment opens: 13-JUL-2015 (Monday)
  • Enrollment closes: 20-JUL-2015 (Monday, End of day, Pacific Time)
  • Classes begin: As soon as you enroll.

Please enroll in 50 ways to analyze data course

Click here to enroll in this program.


Questions & Doubts?

Just visit above link and read the page. I have answered most common questions and provided a lot of detail about the program. If you have any more doubts, please drop a comment here and I will help you.

I am looking forward to making you an awesome analyst. See you in the 50 ways course.

PS: The enrollment for this program closes next Monday (20th of July, 2015). So hurry up.

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    Great website! one quick query..can I join this course even if I do not have a great idea about excel formulas, charting?

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