Quick Update about VBA Classes & Discount Expiry!

Posted on January 5th, 2012 in Excel Howtos , Learn Excel - 1 comment

I have 2 quick announcements & 1 Excel tip for you.


Excel Tip

When you print a long report, notice how Excel chops it in to pages? Sometimes, you don’t like how the pages are broken and want to insert page breaks where you want.

Here is how you can insert page breaks:

  • If you want to insert a break after Row 7
  • Select the row 8
  • Go to Page Layout > Breaks
  • Select Insert Break

Insert Page Breaks in Excel - how to?

PS: If you use Page Break Preview mode (from view ribbon), you can manually drag and resize pages until everything looks the way you want.

PPS: If you want to learn Excel (and dashboards), consider joining Excel School. If you hurry up, you can even get 20% discount. Click here.

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One Response to “Quick Update about VBA Classes & Discount Expiry!”

  1. Tracy Stevenson says:

    I tried to register for your excel class using the LETSGOEXCEL discount code (for which I can see no actual expiry date) and it says that it has already expired 🙁
    Have I, in fact, missed this special?

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