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Friends & Readers of, I am excited to announce that Excel School, my online excel & dashboard training program is now available for your consideration. Please take a minute to read this post.

What is Excel School & Who Should join?

Join Excel School & Become Awesome in Excel

Excel School an online Excel & Dashboards training program. It is designed to make you awesome by teaching formulas, charting, formatting, data analysis & dashboards.

If you use Excel everyday and find my site useful & helpful, then this is a perfect program for you.

I have trained more than 700 students in this program so far and many of them have benefited tremendously. I am hoping you too will benefit from Excel School.

If you want to join Excel School, click here.

What topics are covered in Excel School?

Excel school topics revolve around these 6 themes,

  1. Building better workbooks
  2. Making better charts
  3. Writing awesome formulas
  4. Analyzing data like a pro
  5. Using Excel productively
  6. and Creating world-class dashboards

Please visit Excel school lesson plan page for a detailed lesson plan. Also Download Excel School brochure to see the topics, methodology etc.

Can you tell me more about the Dashboards Module?

With this edition of Excel School, I am adding a new dashboards module. This module teaches you how to design & construct effective dashboards using MS Excel. We will be learning:

  1. Dashboard definition, Process for making dashboards
  2. Making a business dashboard (image)
  3. Making a website dashboard (image)
  4. Making a KPI dashboard (image)
  5. Making a sales dashboard (image)
  6. Dashboard Design tips & tricks
  7. Bonus interviews with these dashboard experts
    1. Robert Mundigl (
    2. Daniel Ferry (
    3. Ian Huitson (our own guest author, Hui)
    4. Hubert Lee (
    5. Jorge Camoes (

The lessons 1,2,3 & 6 are already available for viewing. Remaining lessons will be available to you in Excel School in the next 4 weeks.

With each type of dashboard, you will get a complete, unlocked dashboard workbook so that you can implement these techniques at work.

How much is Excel School & How to join?

Excel School comes in 3 flavors.

  • Dashboards Option – $197 per student
    Includes all Excel lessons + Dashboards lessons, you can download HD videos of lessons for viewing later.
  • Download Option – $97 per student
    Includes only Excel lessons, you can download HD videos of lessons for viewing later
  • Online Option – $67 per student
    Includes only Excel lessons, you can watch lessons online.

Please visit Excel School page to review these 3 options & sign-up.


While Excel School is a great value for money training, I do have some attractive discounts, if you are an existing customer of or planning to enroll your entire team in to Excel School.

  • 25% Team discount if you enroll 3 or more people in one go.
  • 25% Student discount if you are a student. To be eligible, you need to send me an email from your college mail-id.
  • 25% discount for all customers of PM Templates and Financial Modeling School
  • $37 Discount on Dashboards option for people who purchased Excel Dashboard Training kit. That is right, you get full refund by joining Excel School (why? because, I am awesome like that)

I will email instructions to individual customer groups by today. You can alternatively send me an email to find more details.

More Information on Excel School

I have made a whole bunch of pages explaining various things about Excel School so that you can have awesome experience while enrolling. Please check out these links.

Questions & Doubts?

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I will be glad to help you out.

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