Speaking at TechEd 2010 on “How to Select the Right Chart for your Data”

Posted on April 13th, 2010 in blogging , Charts and Graphs - 8 comments

Tech Ed 2010 - Conference by MicrosoftI have come to Bangalore to attend the TechEd 2010 conference by Microsoft. Today (April 13th), I will be speaking on “How to select the right chart for your data”. A short talk telling people how to choose the correct chart based on the message they want to convey. [You can see the schedule and profile here.]

I will share the presentation, video (if possible) with all of you once I come back from Bangalore. Meanwhile pls. note that I will be slow in replying to comments / email.

PS: Here is my visiting card which I made for this.

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8 Responses to “Speaking at TechEd 2010 on “How to Select the Right Chart for your Data””

  1. Chandoo says:

    Just finished my talk. It was a good experience. 7 attendees in all their glory devoured my talk 🙂

  2. Hui says:

    Its a Very Nice Card, Chandoo.

  3. paresh shah says:

    The subject is not that popular as yet in India hence the attendance figure. We need a few more blogs here discussing the subject.

  4. saurabh says:

    Welcome Sir,

    If you have time plz buzz me at 95xxxxxx09

  5. Pedro says:

    Surely the video presentation will be more audience in your blog!
    I'm waiting impatiently to see it here.

  6. Chandoo says:

    @Paresh... Agree. That plus very few attendees were aware of the MVP sessions. But I am here more to meet other MVPs and MS folks. After becoming mvp in 2009, this is the first time I am attending any community event. So it is a cool experience. (Also, I got to play with some of the cool new ms technologies like surface...)

    @Pedro... It will be a presentation along with my usual rants. There was no video recording.

    @Saurabh.. thank you...

    @Hui.. Thanks..

  7. Ninad Pradhan says:

    Well............there's always the time when attendance is not to the mark. I remember my day when I was giving a seminar on Employee Involvement. But....it's more important that the folks who came had a good time and found value. When that's achieved.............mission accomplished. Can you post your presentation?

  8. Chandoo says:

    @Ninad... thanks. The presentation along with a detailed post explaining chart selection process will be up next week.

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