Remove Duplicates [Quick Video Tip]

Posted on June 22nd, 2009 in Excel Howtos - 5 comments

remove-duplicates-excel It is very surprising that so many of us are still not aware of this extremely powerful tool in Excel 2007. Just with a click of the button, you can remove all the duplicate values from a list / table. To remove duplicates,

  • Just select the list of values from which you want to remove duplicates
  • Go to Data ribbon
  • Hit the Remove Duplicates button
  • Bingo…

Here is the 15 second video tutorial I have prepared on understanding this feature.

Click here to watch on youtube.

PS: 15 second tutorials idea inspired from google tutorials.

PPS: Learn more quick tips, they make you blazing fast.

PPPS: There are 4 more ways to remove duplicates: 1 2 3 4

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5 Responses to “Remove Duplicates [Quick Video Tip]”

  1. Chandoo says:

    @Excel Training: You are welcome.

  2. Cyril Z. says:

    Hello Chandoo,

    I've just found another tip which is powerful in 2007.

    Go to Data / Sort and Filter area -> Advanced... /

    There is a checkbox "Extract without duplicate" in the dialog.
    You can extract the list wihtout duplicate in another sheet (awesome for creating reference list for data validation)


  3. Jackie Edwards says:

    This works perfectly! I always come to you before consulting the Excel help. Thanks for helping us Excel want-to-be experts look great!

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