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January 2009 will be one of the most memorable months since I started blogging. It is a perfect example of how uncertain life is. The month started with me receiving MVP award, then the website went down due to excessive server load and then we crossed 2000 RSS subscribers milestone and celebrated it with a huge 100 excel tips post. It just shows how uncertain things can be.

We had 105k page views from 47k visitors in Jan 2009 despite the server outages. Our e-mail subscriber base crossed 500 members and total RSS subscriber base is now at 2040. There were 19 posts and 247 comments (wow) in last month. I am really thankful to our readers. You constantly motivate me to learn and share beautiful things about excel and charting. The journey is becoming more and more enriching each day for me. I hope you are enjoying the ride as much.

Here is a list of 5 best posts from Jan 2009, in case you have missed out the whole month or new to this blog, check this posts out to make sure you have squeezed enough from this blog.

Automatically Insert Time Stamps in Excel [12 comments]
Excel Formula Wish list [25 comments]
6 ways to stack your column charts [17 comments]
Hide worksheet tabs in excel [14 comments]
100 Excel Tips & Resources [10 comments]

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Have a great february everyone. We have some delicious posts coming up, so stay tuned and stay happy.

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