Soon you can use Excel on the Web

Posted on October 30th, 2008 in technology - 3 comments

ms-office-liveYesterday Microsoft announced in PDC (professional developers conference) that it will be releasing a web based version office applications – Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note later this year. This is an exciting news since you can access the goodness of these powerful desktop apps inside a browser for free. No more hassles of upgrading every few years, incompatible versions etc. According to ReadWriteWeb, the office apps, which will be called Microsoft Office Live will work in both IE and Firefox and uses HTML, AJAX and Silverlight.

The office webapps will be made available for a private beta later this year. I am not sure about the criteria for selecting the users to test these apps, but I would sure like to get an invite to test these.

Here is a screen shot of how Web based Office Excel will look like (courtesy, Readwriteweb):

What do you think this about this news? Do you think MS can replicate the offline success of office online?

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3 Responses to “Soon you can use Excel on the Web”

  1. Double says:

    I think it is a great move by Microsoft.

    Excellent site and you get my vote to be a beta tester. Send Microsoft an email and your website and that should get you to be a beta tester.

    I gave you a thumbs up on StumbleUpon and a very good review.

  2. Chandoo says:

    @Double: thank you soo much 🙂

  3. Nel says:

    This is just great.After failing with Vista,this is a smart move by MS.

    Great technology deals updated regularly

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