Dell tells me to buy a finger print reader in order to have another color on the system

Posted on August 20th, 2008 in business , wonder why - 5 comments

This is hilarious or there is a color technology out there that requires to scan my finger print in order to show the “bunch o surfers” or some other design on my laptop skin. Really Dell?

see it on the dell site, just select the color scheme as “bunch o surfers”

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Written by Chandoo
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5 Responses to “Dell tells me to buy a finger print reader in order to have another color on the system”

  1. DLH says:

    Is it possible that Dell only manufactured that particular laptop skin/case in the configuration that includes a slot/hole for the integrated biometric reader? If so, you'd have to order the reader with the case, or have a gaping hole in your laptop where the reader should be.

  2. Chandoo says:

    Pssible... but that would be a gaping hole in the logic of skin designer.... welcome to PHD blog... 🙂

  3. Jon Peltier says:

    Maybe Dell's broadening their market to finger painters.

  4. Retroist says:

    Were you really interested in that skin? Or just exploring?

  5. richard says:

    Maybe it's been fixed. I went there, selected bunch of surfers, went to check out and didn't get a compatibility issue.

    Pretty funny error though. If someone else replicates it, let me know.

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