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Here is a quick round up of excel posts from few of the awe some blogs around the web:

excel-add-target-lines-bar-chartAt PTS Blog, Jon provides excellent tutorial on adding target lines to your bar charts to show target vs. actual performance. He has several other tweaks for your category axis as well, just read the other posts there.

At Contextures Blog, Debra teaches us how to simplify data entry with auto correct in Office 2007 apps. So if you are the kind who would use lots of acronyms, you can use this feature to expand them and do much more. The example she has shown is for Word 2007 but it should work the same way in Microsoft excel 2007

At Jorge Cameo’s Charts, he gives few more reasons why upgrading to Excel 2007 may not be such a good idea. Personally I use excel 2003 on my office comp and Google docs – spreadsheets at home.

Finally, Nathan at Flowing data shares insights from his experiment to modify a mediocre chart. Most of the examples are based on Excel, go take a look at them to get some pretty cool charting ideas.

Also see:

Did you see some interesting excel articles / links recently, share them in comments 🙂

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