Dear Microsoft, Blog is a real word

Posted on July 25th, 2008 in blogging , Humor - 2 comments


Dear Microsoft (and other guys who design software that can be used to write something):

Blog is a real word, just like bog or bloc or blot or blow or blob. So please add it to your esteemed dictionaries and stop harassing everyone with the wiggly red lines. Of course you can blame me for not “add to dictionary”ing the word, but then, what is a Friday with little restlessness 😉

Written by Chandoo
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2 Responses to “Dear Microsoft, Blog is a real word”

  1. Hypnos says:

    bog? bloc? I don't use those words often. But I use 'blog' quite often. Why don't these people issue dictionary updates as downloads from time to time? Why don't all software makers use one standard dictionary file format which can be common for all software for a user, so if I update the dictionary in Word, then Indesign also accepts that words as valid? How difficult is it?

  2. Palm Trees says:

    haha.. thats really funny. Nice catch.

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