How simple is your product?

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Here is a look at 3 different game controllers.

First the simplest of them all, “wiimote”, easy to understand, easier to use


Then comes the moderately complex “xbox controller”, should a take a couple of minutes to understand, couple of hours to get used, all in all, fun ensured


Then comes the most complex of all, “PS2 Dual Shock Controller”, the name itself makes you wonder whether you have bought a particle accelerator in disguise, the many buttons, and the complicated manual diagrams will tease you to find the button that will start it all, takes a ton of time to learn, when your car finally accelerates (or your boxer actually kicks or your cat actually purrs 😉 ) you would feel like you have really earned it.


now, tell me, how simple is your product?

For further thoughts / ideas on user manuals visit this timeless CPU post.

PS: the images are copyright of respective owners, the thoughts however are free, go ahead, flame them 🙂

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