Few good Indian print ads – horlicks, maggi, zandu balm and head & shoulders

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Most of the time doing a print advertisement is much more difficult than doing a normal video ad, the creativity is limited to a rectangle on the paper and no matter how much effort is spent on the ad, your audience may not even look at it for more than a split second. Only very few ads manage to grab more of the viewers eye-time. Here is a sample to few of such consumer product print ads from India:

First the ever creative Horlicks ad:

Horlicks print ad smithkline & beechem

They always manage to come up with nice messages that leave a warm feeling in your heart (see Horlicks sweet nothings world diabetes day ad as well)

Now the faithful maggi ad, they are saying exactly what they have been doing for the last 20 years.

Maggi 2 minute noodles print ad

The good old zandu balm ad, creative message:

zandu balm pain killer print ad

Finally Head & Shoulders, excellent execution:

head and shoulders print ad

Also see: Bank print ads | Ford fusion and Monster print ads

PS: I am not the owner of these images, if you are, drop a comment and I will add your name here 🙂

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