Pulsar Mania – Bajaj’s new kickass advertisement

Posted on March 10th, 2008 in advertising , business , India - 4 comments

Bajaj has always been a smart advertiser and brand promoter. Generations of people have grown up watching their ads and whenever you see one of them you always feel happy inside. The brand and some of the bikes stand for what India is and what our values are. Be it the humara Bajaj or Feel like god or Men are men or the new Pulsar Mania, they all communicate a strong message of “leadership in biking”, “fun and happiness in driving”.

Watch the latest promo for Pulsar, the pulsar mania.

Also watch, “Feel like god – bajaj avenger“, “humara bajaj” and “humara bajaj 2.0

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4 Responses to “Pulsar Mania – Bajaj’s new kickass advertisement”

  1. Anish Bagchi says:

    It's time to revamp the image of "Hamara Bajaj" to Bajaj Mania... Awesome ad & stunts.. Ads like these are the core for the Rebel generation.. Do anything or any kinna stunt ... Good Luck with that ...

  2. H.Saravanakumar says:

    wow....This Ad inspire to all people.This is the Best Ad in 2008.

  3. HRITIK says:


  4. Chandoo says:

    @Anish ... Thanks for visiting PHD, welcome, They have been carefully revamping the brand over the last few years, see any of those recent pulsar / avenger ads, as times change they need to constantly reposition the brand to appeal to the consumers.
    @Saravanakumar ... welcome to PHD, thanks.
    @Hritik ... thanks for visiting phd, welcome, hmm, I am not sure these are real stunts though, pretty impressive if they are real.

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