Normal is Boring : Having fun in whatever you do

Posted on January 3rd, 2008 in business , ideas - 0 comments

I was uploading some of the pics to flickr, which btw is an amazing site for managing and sharing photos online, and came across this little button on the top-right corner of the photo which can be used to edit photos.

flickr photo edit button

Out of curiosity I clicked on it and it took me to picnik image editor, a fine editor for touching up photos online. What got me interested is not the editor but how the loading status was displayed. Remember how almost every website, flash object, video displays the status like “73% loaded…74% loaded…75% loaded”. Well, picnik took a departure from that and it just proves that you can have immense fun in even the most trivial areas of your work. See it for yourself!

picnik loading status messages

Are you, your company, employees, co-workers having fun everything they do?

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