Pay money but seek no control !

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That seems to be the motto of some of the service providers.

How often we end up paying for services and (or) products through our nose yet we get little or no control on how it is delivered to us or what we are getting. Take for example “airline seats”, despite the rapid advancements in that area we still dont have any control on where we can sit in the aircraft or how we would like to be serviced, even if you are on a non cheap airliner.

A better example is “buying fuel”. Have you ever wondered how almost all forms of fuel (except may be kerosene) you buy, you are never sure what you are getting. There is no guarantee that we are actually getting 4 liters when we pay for that. It could be 3.8 or 3.5 or 4.0. Yesterday I went to a bunk to get 4L of petrol, and miraculously my fuel indicator showed the status as if I just filled in only a litre or so. I wonder how long it would take petrol bunk owners to install a dispensing mechanism that would be totally transparent, may be they can start with see through petrol tubes and audited delivery machines. Also each vehicle can come pre-installed with a fuel purity indicator to tell us whether the fuel we got is good or adulterated.

What do you think?

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