3 years and counting

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Its been 3 years since this blog is launched. well, slightly more than that as the very first post was published on July 1st, 2004, my first day at IIM Indore. What started as chronicles of an engineer struggling in a b-school later transformed in to a full-time commentary on business, advertising, technology and life in general. I am happy to have maintained the blog this far. Hopefully this will last for few more years to come.

To celebrate the 3 years, I have modified the template, made it compatible with 1024*800px screens, added another column for ads, removed the yellow color theme and added a bold header image. Also, provided a google custom search engine to exclusively search PHD. Try it, its very easy to locate any of those 450+ posts meeting your search criteria. Hopefully more changes will happen in the next few weeks to make this place a little better for browser viewing. Suggest any widgets, features that you want to see here, I will try to add them. Happy Weekend!

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