Big Bazaar’s Innovative Parking Scheme

Posted on April 19th, 2007 in business , wonder why - 0 comments

Have you ever wondered how unbusinesslike it is when you stop by at a store to make them profitable they charge you for parking? You might say, “heh, but the parking space costs”, but why charge all of them when some of them eventually make profits for the retailer.

Thats exactly how Big Bazaar in Chennai (I have been to Hyderabad one few times, they have not implemented it) thought about the parking problem.

What do they do? They charge you Rs. 5 when you park your vehicle and give you a barcoded receipt. When you finish your purchases and check out you can present this receipt and get Rs. 5 deducted from your final bill. Incase you didnt buy anything, then you should be charged for the parking anyways.

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