Business Idea: Community Water Purifiers

Posted on April 11th, 2007 in wonder why - 0 comments

What comes to your mind when you see a water purifier.

>> Expensive!
>> Rarely used, Once or twice a day!

I think they are both expensive and very thinly used. A modest water purifier from Eureka Forbes costs about Rs. 8000. Compare that with the alternative, a monthly supply of Bislery bottled water for a family of 3 costs about Rs. 250, You need at least 32 months to recover the capital, and that is not even considering costs on electricity and water tax.

And even if you purchase the purifier, you use it once or twice a day, maximum to purify 20-30 ltrs of water for cooking, drinking purposes. Instead you may want to pay Rs. 5 or 10 for every 20 litres of water you consume. And the same purifier can be shared by a 20-30 households. How is this for a business idea?

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