Making sense out of NEWsense

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Imagine a kid having this conversation with his mom,
“Mummy, mummy, tell me when will some one run a marathon in space?”
“It will happen when Mumbai university lists in BSE”
“Mummy, mummy, tell me when will the university list in BSE?”
“They will list when Rakhi Sawant looks like this”

“Mummy, mummy, tell me when will Rakhi Sawant dresses up like that”
“She will, when someone runs a marathon in space. Now shut up and go work”

Now dont imagine, for its no longer a stupid set of imaginary questions. Apparantly Rakhi Sawant is dressed up like a tiger, someone is running a marathon in space and Mumbai university is planning to list in BSE. All this and more funny news only at Rediff

I am walking back to home today for a change, some one publish the news.

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PS: Images are from Rediff

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