Good news for Indian Movie lovers

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In a really interesting and smart move MoserBaer announced that it would soon enter VCD/DVD based movie segment by offering them at the price range of Rs. 28-35. I think its really good for everyone who likes movies. In the day and age of rampant piracy not many people are finding it easy to shell out 100 bucks to watch Rakhi Sawant or Rajni Kant. I am sure movie companies might oppose such move, but in the end it would benefit everyone since sales are going to go up.

Moser Baer, best known as manufacturer of compact discs, is planning to enter into the home video segment by offering its products at a cost that might make piracy unviable.

The company on Thursday said it would soon offer DVDs and VCDs of Indian movies at Rs 34 and Rs 28 each, respectively.

Piracy would call for at least two blank CDs to be bought; this would cost Rs 18. Stack up the distribution costs, and a pirated CD could cost close to Rs 28; and a DVD even more, said a spokesperson for Moser Baer. Even with new titles (for which copyright would be more expensive) the home videos would not cost much more, he said.

Lets hope that this thing gets launched soon. Read Govar’s old post on Futile fight against piracy.

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