Blue Dart Rocks!

Posted on October 5th, 2006 in Random - 0 comments

It might be easy to suck as you would have seen from my comments about some of the service providers and such like. But it aint rocket science to rock as Blue Dart proved to me yesterday.


1. I get a courier from Outlook Delhi. Blue Dart guys visit my appartment only to find me away.
2. They leave a card saying “You were away. We will come later”
3. I call the customer care number on the card. Tell them my waybill number and ask for delivery to my security person.
4. They say “we need to hand deliver it sir”. I tell them that I work till 7/8 PM everyday.
5. They say “No problems, we use our night delivery”.
6. The delivery boy came at 9:30 PM yesterday and handed me over the parcel.

I am seriously impressed. It might cost them a tad higher to deliver it in the nights. But it makes hell lot of sense in the day and time of DINK, Bachelors working away etc.

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