Google Life!

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Birth and Early Stages:
> Look up for cool names in google
> Post the newborn pics in orkut. Format them in Picasa. Share them with friends using Blogger

School & College:
> Use Gtalk to chat with friends. Bye bye bfone!
> Goodbye to combined studies, welcome google groups.
> Doubts about what is the latest ninth planet? may be you could try google answers.
> Let your mom watch all those serials while you catch some cool cartoons on Google Video
> Dont know where to find the answer. May be you can use some book search
> Summer project. Just chill!, Use scholar to search for research material
> Who writes the dairy anyway. Its cool to have a blog now
> Want to findout what your favourite stars upto. May be entertainment news alerts can help you
> Learning foriegn langues but constantly hitting a cul-de-sac. Well, you can translate the content in to English and learn.
> Look up for which colleges to apply in Google University Search
> Find the shortest route and travel options to school. Use google locals and google maps
> Know whats cool with latest music. See google music trends
> Planning a fun trip with friends. Do it online without sweat. Google Transit
> A quick doubt about mercury’s atomic number or the integration of (log x), try google sms

Marriege & Settling Down:
> Start applying at google jobs [x]
> Look for the right match in Google matrimonial [x]
> Findout more about her/him in Orkut
> Know what he/she up to lately by reading his/her blog
> Visit their Froogle wishlist. Findout the most romantic valentine gift
> Planning for a house. May be you can ask the world all your doubts. Google answers. Or you want to see the place before saying yes. Google Maps. better still, you want to take a walk around the house. You can do sitting in your seat. Watch the google video of the house.
> Worried about where all your money is going? Its high time you started a google spreadsheet and recorded every penny movement.
> Track your stock movements and so much more. Google Finance.
> Wife nagging everyday about that forgotten mosquito mats or switzerland trip? well, not any more. Write everything in google notebook.
> Tired of installing somuch of software one after another and hence not finding time to blog, well you can use google pack and save sometime
> Crude hits $534895430542 per barrell, laugh reading such lines in your google news, for you have google ride finder to take you to office.
> That 64kbps line taking too much time to load a page. Why not try google web accelarator?
> Starting your own garage? Start with a webpage first. Try Google page creator.

Golden years:
> Wanted to read up all those old news papers that you wish you had read during your ripe years. Well, you can do so at a leisurely pace. Archive Search
> Poor eye sight bugging you. May be you can use the google accessible search.
> Worried that they might demote mars to dust before you could take a look at it? time for some google mars.
> Manage your computer better without worrying about the BSoD in Windows2045. Google Desktop

After life:
> May be google heaven [x] / google hell [x].

PS: Links with [x] next to them dont work. I am just hopeful they do in the near future šŸ™‚

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