Bombay – Pune Expressway : A travelers Delight

Posted on July 15th, 2006 in Random - 1 comment

I had the opportunity to travel on this extremely well built and located Bombay-Pune Expressway when I went back from Khandala to Bombay 3 weeks ago. I tooks some snaps and since then, I have been trying to post them here, sadly, I had to wait a really long time to finish this post. So, here is the “natures beauty wedded to engineering marvel”

Bombay Pune Expressway5 Bombay Pune Expressway4

Bombay Pune Expressway1 Bombay Pune Expressway2

[Click on the pics for enlarged versions, Dont forget to acknowledge if you like my work]

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One Response to “Bombay – Pune Expressway : A travelers Delight”

  1. amit says:

    wow man. i love shooting roads myself, but these ones are breath taking :-). i must plan a trip down this road soon

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