Understanding Customer – Insights from street

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Part 1 of many more to come

Location: DTDC Main office, Hyderabad

Customer: Sir, can you courier this to Nellore (its a town in AP)
Service Personnel: What is in it?

C: a SIM card
SP: We dont deliver SIM cards

C: Why?
SP: Because, we donot take responsibility to them. (apparently either they are not covered under insurance or Govt. has a restriction on them being delivered)

C: we dont care. We wont complain even if its not delivered. Please accept this package
SP: Sir, my mobile is out of balance, I could take it out and use it once you leave the office. Are you OK with it?

C: its ok man. Please take it
SP: No sir, as a policy we dont take such things

Customer leaves the office after sometime after staring at the vision statement pasted above the operators desk. It reads,

“To be the most Admired and Successful Express
Distribution Company in India by meeting and exceeding our Customers’
expectation of services.

While corporates are being criticized for the unfathomable holes in their service levels, customers are found totally unreasonable and sometimes desperate for a service.

To be continued …

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