SBI Life: Message that hits

Posted on January 31st, 2006 in advertising , banking - 1 comment

SBI Life: Message that hitsIncase you find it tough to read, the message is:

There is no such thing as wrinkles. Only lines that tell an interesting story. Of a lifetime of love, laughter, loss, learning and squinting to read small print. It’s okay not to tell you grandkids stories of a life well lived, when you’re still too busy living it

I must say O&M Financial is doing a great job to SBI Life Insurance. In a market where atleast a dozen players are after ourlives to insure them, in a day & time when the interest rates are hitting the rock bottoms, insurance & FS players need to raise their voice and make emotional connect with the pospects to ensure that they have a favorable disposition towards them.

What more, SBI’s average customer would have opened his account in later 80s or early 90s and grown with the bank and its ways. What could be a better way to woo him than making a retirement related pitch?

So whats left? Well, the message is good, the next important thing would be whether SBI-Life can actually match the expectations created by the ad.

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  1. Hi, I like the quote 🙂 It made me think for a second that I'm not that old, but no matter what point of view I look at it taking out a life insurance does mean that people are depending on you and are no longer a child. Take a look at this Canadian life insurance sight and learn a few ways you can insure yourself and your company. Good day.

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