Purnography – offroad style!

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Bored of doing relentless browsing and creating a new template for Linkyard (which incidentally came out decently. Do check) I thought of taking some photos of the fields on the hillock. Anoop said he is ready to accompany me in this timepass venture. So there we are walking down the fields.

As we go further down A-block we see this dilapidated tractor which is parked there for almost an year now.
Old tractor

From there as I looked towards the acad block the over head tank stood out.

somewhere further down the plains I met this vegetable porcupine
some arbit plant

More trekking down and we reached a road that connects faculty quarters and water purification plant. Suddenly we realized that this is the first time we are walking on this road.
the road less travelled

After crossing the road we reaching the boundary wall of IIM Indore.
boundary wall

On our way back to hostel we have came across this wonderful greenery.

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