Posted on June 29th, 2005 in Random - 2 comments

baaah! I want an iShuffle.

Lastnight I was searching for some ‘Chik’ shampoo advertisements in MagIndia and got one. But I needed installation of QuickTime for playing the ad. When I went to Apple’s website to download the player. I randomly clicked on the store section to findout how much it costs to buy an iPod. To my surprise the Apple iShuffle is available for prices as low as $99. I always thought that it would cost some 6-7k and never ventured to findout the price also. Now here I am trying to buy the product. Strangely the same piece costs 6k in India. If only one of my friends is coming back from US I can request them to bring one iShuffle for me.

Till then, maaaaaaaaaa I want an iShuffle.

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