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Posted on June 24th, 2005 in Random - 0 comments

Ladies and Gentlemen!

There were final years. And then there were final years. Thanks largely to my course selection. I am spending most of my time on net reading everything and anything that catches my eye. First I thought why not blog on the items that I read. But then sharing news or views was never the purpose of PHD. PHD is much closer to my heart and talks only about me 😀

So I thought why not start a new feed altogether to post all these links. Mind you, just links. Thanks to Sambhar Mafia and other such bloggers for inspiring me. Thanks also to rss2js for providing online tools to convert the Link Yard‘s RSS to HTML.

You can see an yellow block above this post. You can hide it if you want to. I have also given the link to RSS and the blog there just incase you are as serious as I am about this. Join me in welcoming this venture.

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