Beautiful days are here again

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Sweated, Tanned, Soaked, Fried, Roasted, Dirtied, Wandered, Dehydrated, Famished, Shocked, Cursed, Damned, Pained, Drank yet Waited to see these beautiful days again. Thanks to the God and other invisible forces like pollution and business law. Finally ‘Hanuman Tekri’ is back to what it is best at. Not necessarily the MBA grads, but the beautiful weather and sexy surroundings.

In the last 2 days this place has become a paradise. Except for the waterlessness in the washing rooms everything else is just scoring A+. But as is the case with all cynics of this world we can talk about the waterlessness in the washing rooms and some of the direct consequences it has on the participants noses. But I will spare it for another day. meanwhile you can know about the scale of such calamity here. Looking at the link might suggest that this problem is a sartorial conspiracy against all the budding managers to lead them to raimentlessness. But then the topic is not that. The topic is about the beauty of this place. So see for yourself.

Who’s burning my sky? | Moonlit plains seen from the balcony

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