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, and that was not a spelling mistake. Lets get to the story without introductions. đŸ˜€

For the first time in ages I woke up at 5am yesterday. By 6:30, i am lugging 2 bags and a cover out of the hostel towards the grant road station. Thankfully I found an empty local to borivali from grant road. I have to go to a godforsaken land outside the mumbai civilization to meet my guide since he is there on some meeting. After some auto journeys from borivali to cheknaka and from there to a far far land which seems to be in gujarat I was inside the resort.

At 1:30, i started back to city to catch my train to pune which leaves at 4:20 pm. To my horror there were no autos/cabs/citybusses/any other means from the resort to cheknaka/borivali. There were nothing to be seen on the other side of the road in both ends except that resort. After waiting for the auto for what looked like an eternity, i decided to halt a lorry and ask him for a ride. So there i am inside a tempo racing towards the land of transport modes.

Since i lost valuable time looking for the auto/cabs outside the deserted resort, i had to take a fast local to churchgate from borivali. Thus, i added a “been there, done that” for the horrible and notorius word virar locals. Thankfully, there were no one sitting on the train this time. (yesterday morning there were some people craving for the spatial luxury actually sat on the train).

The luggage felt real heavy when i came out of churchgate station. Finally, when i reached my seat in the AC chair car, i felt huge relief. What happened after this has little blogificance.


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