A nights tale

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Last night was a perfect mumbaite night. I had a hectic day at office. Me went to meet some doctors in sion. My appetite for travel in locals died for the day after changing trains to reach that place. When i went back to my room all i wanted to do was to lie down and relax. But when hairy came back from office at 8 all of a sudden we all wanted to go out and eat at a good place.

After some negotiations 4 of us (hairy, doctor, karthik and myself) decided to go to colaba and search for a watering hole. Once we are in colaba one of us said why not in cafe mondegar. mondy’s is a very popular cafe in mumbai. it has everything that a wateringhole needs. great history, hep crowd, nice little place and amazing ambience. All of this when combined on a summer night just make you feel like having a drink and forgetting about the pending files on your desk.

So after having some beers and food (even tho i dint booze except for those 3 seconds, i for sure can vouch that you will have great fun there) we were out on the colaba roads trying to figure out what to do with the still young night.

some one said why not a dessert. so there we are, flocking the patissery called “theobroma” (means food of gods in greek). After having a round og mousse, tirasoma etc. etc. all of us felt damn heavy. the initial plan was to walk down all the way to mackichan hall. But after the gastric adventure we decided to take the BEST bus back.

But once we are on the chowpatti we wanted to sit on the beach for sometime. When we wore our chappals again its 11:40.

how to reach stuff: Both of these places are located in colaba causway. Take a cab from churchgate station to the causway and you can easily locate these places.

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