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frankly there are no updates. I am busy with exam preparation and summer heat. Exam part is not so horrible but the hear is. Will post something tomorrow. Btw, I got accommodation in bombay tentatively. more updates later…

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  1. LS Teo says:

    Thank you very much for providing free Excel knowledge via newsletters. I have been a subscriber for a long time. Please be informed that the recent 2 newsletters are causing my Outlook2010 to not responding. Dates of newsletters are 25/8/2017 & 29/8/2017, tittles are "Copy & paste visible cells only [Excel Trick]" & "Copy Paste Visible Cells only (Two more ways to do it)".
    It looks like they are trying to contact your local network with "contacting \\assets.chandoo.org\wp\wp-content\uploads\2017\08".
    Please kindly look into it.
    Thank you.

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