Freebees… No please!

Posted on March 22nd, 2005 in Random - 0 comments

I went to a near by villagesque town called Rau today for some retailer survey. The survey is about a major cough/cold relief product and how their distribution network functions. So there I was along with Anoop trying to interview a medical shop owner on the SKUs, commisions etc. etc.

I was attracted by a product dispalyed there. It is “Choice” birth control pills. Now what attracted me most is that, you get a “nail polish” free with every sheet of birth control pills. My foot. a nail polish free with pills. This got me thinking about the craze of people for freebees. Lets see what all we can expect from companies,

– a pencil free with kamasutra
– a mini soap free with under garments
– slice bread with jam free with every pair of bata shoes
– a pressure cooker and nonstick pan free with a b school admission

Watch out marketing, I am coming :d

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