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Post Without Any Heading

Actually I dont know what to write. Not that several things are going through my mind. May be I just wanted to take a break from the otherwise hectic day. Just to give you a peek at things here we have,
– 3 quizzes tomorrow
– 1 case submission and a possible coldcall 🙁
– regular load of case readings and textbook readings
– full afternoon and night dedicated to a business plan contest
– impending OA term project submission/presentation on 13th

But the idea of the post is not to scare anyone. Rather I want to tell myself what all are ahead. Thanks largely to my regular gym schedule. I have enough energy levels to see thru this patch of submissions.

Our first success after I sworn in as a member of media and publications committee here came in the form of publication of our placement report in major news papers across the country. It was received very well by the press 🙂 (see here, here and here)

Oh btw, before I sound like “selling my school” check this link for an updated photo-tour of IIM Indore.

Chalo me off now. Will see this place only after tomorrow night unless something phenomenal happens. (and you know how addicted I am to this place :P)

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