Midterms over. Now what?

Posted on February 24th, 2005 in Random - 0 comments

Almost. Except for Operations Management II all other mids are over. Due to a small accident the OM mid is rescheduled. To make life more exciting post midterm i am planning to,

– Complete Barbarians at the Gate The Fall of RJR Nabisco, Absolut Biography of a Bottle and ofcourse Life of Pi
– Listen to more of Pink Floyd. Started with Division Bell and that too with “coming back to life“. Such a great vocals and touching lyrics. I am instantly in love with this music.
– Restarted playing Mahjong.

– Complete Friends Series 1, 3, and 5 before leaving this place. Actually more than that is possible. But dont want to overload myself :P.
– Follow Pixar Blog. Nice read. Especially if you are an animation buff like me.
– And ofcourse, still try to do decently in acads. Hopefully decently is not D.


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