outLOGging, 100 percentiles and Spamming

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Dont worry. it is not a new trend on the www. It is just my new blog on outsourcing. I am not gonna raise the support BPO in India type of issues there. Rather the blog will give links to some of the articles in the news on outsourcing and may be discuss the articles. And what not? the blog has already 3 posts in it. For the time being it is hosted in blogspot only, but i will move it my domain based on the number of posts i make and the other bandwidth issues.

Meanwhile putup with some liberal publicity of my new blog in the next couple of weeks. πŸ˜€

Oh, btw, access the blog here.

100 Percentiles
The age old tradition of having a 100 percentiler on the forum continued this year too. check the mindboggling score here.

Meanwhile some jerk has started a spamming spree on the LAN. now all the 200 studs are busy spamming the inboxes. our aim is simple. to raise the bar. to set a new record on number of spam mails on single issue in the history of the insti. last year it was 160. now we are at 60. 100 more to go.

Bye for now… I am off to spamming πŸ™‚

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