c’est la vie

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Deming and Juran make sure that you are never lazy
Zeitglow sees to it that you dont get cozy

your sleep curve is platykurtic on any day
and you work like a dog even on sunday

you do an extensive study of unemployment
just to make sure that you get a better employment

you are an example of un-balanced score card
Duh! you do this for a silly progress card

you devide the tasks and call it differentiation
then you conduct hazaar meetings to ensure integration

you burn the midnights oil conducting a swot
the next day in the class you become a global fart

you move away from reality with escape velocity
and your classmates praise you for your creativity

all the while you tell outsiders “doing mba is fun”
for they dont know the hardships of tqm, is-lm and corpfin


Written by Chandoo
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