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If you compare a full photograph of me in graduation and now you will see a stark difference. It is the growing retained earnings near the body parts surrounding my belly. Thanks largely to my SE job. I never felt the need to stand and walk from my swivel chair. Many of my friends told me to do some exercises. But somehow i never had the motivation to do them. Lastnight when i am on my habitual night walk with Govar, we have discussed about this. Finally I started thinking about doing some exercises everyday. That brings us to the first topic of this post. Today i did a 0.5 km run and some cycling in our gym. I am hoping to continue this. Lets see how long i can do it before i give up on it. 😀

I have seen this movie in the afternoon. Thanks to the holiday tomorrow.

Awesome movie it is. Based on a true story, the movie starts at the time when soviets sent people to space. Homer(the lead role) is mighty inspired by rockets and he makes his own models. Damn inspiring. Gives you the feeling that if you have a dream, you should chase it. 🙂

Anil has completed 2 years in PG land and posted a marvelous account of his experience so far. Read it here.

That is all for now. Tada!

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