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Random Thoughts

Published on Nov 9, 2004 in Random

Few things that came to mind, few thing that i have been doing in the last few days …. – playing baddy is fun. i am playing it everyday for 20-40 mins. it is consuming the excess calories in my body. – thinking about my dust bin, the scrap in it there for some 25 […]

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The making of huge cutouts

Published on Nov 8, 2004 in Random

We (Jhasketan, Shadab and myself) the Nostro team in IRIS have made this wallpaper. It was huge hit on the lan. almost 50% of ‘i’s have it on their desktops. Then, we got the idea of making a huge (10-15 feet) cutout of the same and make it ready for the event. This decision was […]

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Who blinks first?

Published on Nov 5, 2004 in Random

This is how the IRIS t-shirt looks.. Current Y! status says: I Rises

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Published on Nov 4, 2004 in Random

Knock, Knock …. Smirnoff Vodka (SV): Is it Chandoo? Chandoo (C): Yep. SV: Hi!!!, this is SV. I stay in a bottle. just like the software engineers who stay in cubes. For that matter cubes are my best friends. 😀 C: Hic!!!, So … SV: hmm.. So, wassup??? C: What is not??? SV: care to […]

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Its beeness as usual at I

Published on Nov 1, 2004 in Random

For a moment i thought Term2 is chill. Well, its chill. Just that its chill in the backbone. Today we had a Fin. Quiz at 3. After one hour of senseless page flipping i did the quiz not so badly. Well, then i thought i can sleep for a couple of hours. Alas, i was […]

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