Billi ka Shubh Din

Posted on November 20th, 2004 in Random - 0 comments

all the very best for CAT

All the Very Best for CAT 2004.

Tomorrow is CAT day. almost one year back i was in my room doing nothing and worrying how the next 20 odd hours would be. On one hand i was slighlty tensed up because of the obvious reasons. but on the other hand i was more than happy because all the toil is going to end in a matter of hours. I have already decided at that time that it was going to be my last shot at CAT.

It was a different story that the paper got leaked and i had to take it again in feb this year. 😀

Lets hope that this year’s CAT goes peacefully. Once again, all the best to aspirants.


Written by Chandoo
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