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Posted on November 9th, 2004 in Random - 1 comment

Few things that came to mind, few thing that i have been doing in the last few days ….

– playing baddy is fun. i am playing it everyday for 20-40 mins. it is consuming the excess calories in my body.

– thinking about my dust bin, the scrap in it there for some 25 days. Hightime i cleaned my room.

– talking about dirt, i guess i am the front runner for winning the messy room award here. I still have last month news paper on my reading table.

– winter is here. 2 days back i went to city to have dinner along with 9 others. I pillion rode back to the campus at 11 on Shiv’s enfield. Man, its damn cold. Both of us are wearing jackets. despite that i felt like a corpse in martuary. well, i dont think i can survive this winter without a Rajai.

– talking about ‘Rajai’, someone in the dinner comented about having IIM Indore rajai’s. Funny!

– midterms are starting from day after tomorrow. administration here has perfected the art of academic torture. This term we had 5 midterms spread over a span of 12 days. one on 11th, one on 15th, one on 19th and 2 on 22nd. not to mention the classes in between.

– talking about academics, well, the less said the better. we have deadlines piled up for the next few days. This reminds me of a meeting i have at 7pm. I better prepare for it.



Current Y! status says: Is it B-School or Be-Screw’l

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  1. Govar says:

    No doubt, its B-screw'l.

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