Messenger Cometh

Posted on August 11th, 2004 in Random - 0 comments

These days, everything is through messenger. People use it like anything. whether it is for communicating your launch cast address or informing the junta about some deadline or better still to beg them for some votes in elections.

Midterms have reduced this communication and thus junta were depending on Y! Status messages to communicate their fate to outside world. Sample these,

– If an employee’s ______ is dedicated to an organization’s ______ then both will be ______. Fill in the blanks and find whether the statement is true of false?

– How comFARTable are you with HBW?

– what is your efFART level????

– Demand!=supply of time, do not disturb

– For mid-ass i need a midas touch

Well, apart from that, things have been progressing at a normal pace.

PS: My next blog would be about Mad Termination – An analysis of half the term @ IIMI

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