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Some of the enlightened souls here have started a separate service called as IIM I News Service. The mails are really funny. When ever there is a mail with this in subject, i read it immediately.

sample this,

backgroud info: There is a poor chap called Y$#I (name protected for privacy reasons) and he happened to be seen with certain agra**l for quite a few times. And one rahul dhanuka (my sideys’s sidey) has written this poem on the hero of hour.

Here’s a small contribution from my side for a “mythical” character YOGO (quote unquote) —- Enjoy


Yogo is a smart clever fellow ,

Whenever he meets girls , his voice becomes mellow.

He becomes the epitome of decency ,

And then takes advantages of their leniency.

Whenever he sees the lady , he bids us all ta-ta,

Dreams of buying her a shimmering Hyundai SONATA.

Says he – IIM has brought me a world of happiness & joy,

She’s the one who’ll make the life of this boy.

Otherwise he’s a very cheerful man,

He goes for “night-walks” to get a sun-tan.

He’s not interested in playing cricket or basketball,

Sole aim now is to build AGRA-WALL.

Tail peice: spoonerisms of the days foon speed, ms excess and ms accell 😀

Hasta La Vista

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