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Friends and readers, my new download, Project & Program Management Templates is now available for your consideration. Click on above button if you are ready to pick them up. Keep reading if you want to know more.

Who should buy these templates?

Project Managers, Controllers, Analysts & Program managers. We have designed these templates keeping the needs of project & program managers, project sponsors & senior executives.

What You'll Get

The project management template pack comes in 2 flavors.

  1. Project Management Templates - for one project at a time
  2. Project Portfolio Management Templates - for multiple projects

With Project Management Templates:

You get 26 beautifully designed templates (spread in 20 Excel files) to manage all aspects of a single project - right from planning to tracking to reporting. Detailed list of templates you will get are:

  • Gantt Chart Templates for Project Planning - 8 varieties
  • Tracking Templates - 8 trackers
  • Project Management Charts - 5 charts
  • Project Dashboards - 3 varieties

With Project Portfolio Management Templates:

You get 5 professionally designed, very powerful Excel workbooks to keep track a bunch of projects with ease. You will get:

  • Project Portfolio Dashboards - 2 versions (simple & complex)
  • Interactive Project Timeline Chart
  • Simplified Time line Chart
  • Stand alone Gantt Chart Template

Benefits for you

I have made these templates based on more than 7 years experience of working in various projects and using excel. It took me that long because I wanted to give you the best and most practical set of templates that you can readily use & succeed. You get many benefits with these templates:

  • Beautifully designed so that you can just plug data & present
  • Easy to use so that you can focus on project management than Excel
  • Interactive so that you can change settings & customize the way your dashboards look
  • Optimized for printing so that you can spread the good word
  • All files are unlocked for easy customization
  • Bonus ebook on Excel Charting because we want you to create stunning charts
  • Comes with 30 days money-back guarantee because we really want you to be awesome.

About the Bonus Charting E-book

Have you ever made a chart in excel and wondered how long it takes to make the chart look better in your presentations or reports? In this free bonus e-book, I explain simple techniques to convert a normal excel chart to a professional chart. With this 16 page e-book you can,

  • Give any excel chart stunning looks
  • Make better coloring choices for your charts
  • Know how to reduce chart clutter

About the Free Updates Policy

Lastly, I will be providing free updates for six months. Each customer is asked to fill out a short survey 2 weeks after the purchase. Based on the feedback, I'll revise the templates. And you will receive all such updates free in first 6 months after purchase.

Supported Versions of Excel

PM Templates work in Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 & above. Portfolio Templates work in Excel 2007, 2010 & above

Get your copy of Project Management Templates

Project Management Templates

What you get?

  • 26 Project Management Templates (in 20 Excel files)
  • Including - Gantt charts, Project Dashboards
  • Special Bonus: Chart Design e-book
  • 6 Months free updates
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

All for just $30


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Project Portfolio Templates

What you get?

  • 5 Project portfolio Management Templates
  • Including - Dashboards, Gantt Chart & Time line
  • Special Bonus: Chart Design e-book
  • 6 Months free updates
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

All for just $30


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Project + Portfolio Template Pack

What you get?

  • 26 PM + 5 Portfolio Templates (in 26 files)
  • Including - Project & Portfolio Dashboards, Gantt Charts, Trackers & Project Charts
  • Special Bonus: Chart Design e-book
  • 6 Months free updates
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

All for just $50


Alternative Payment Links
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GREAT product - am using it for weekly management meetings to present a snapshot of individual projects' progress. Also really appreciated the after-sales support, it rarely happened to me to get such prompt help after having paid :) Keep up the good work.

-Claudiu, Project Manager in France

The awesomeness guarantee

I strongly believe that these templates can automate various project management tasks with little or no modification. I made these because I wanted you to be awesome. So for any reason, if you do not like the templates, please send me an e-mail (chandoo.d @ and I will refund your money. You have un-conditional money back guarantee for 30 days.

What Happens when you Purchase?

Project Management Templates - Purchase Prorcess

Have questions?
Call me at +1 206 792 9480 or +91 814 262 1090 or E-mail me at I will be able to help you right away.

Quantity Discounts & Licenses

Each purchase gives you 2 licenses by default - one per office usage and one for personal usage. If need more licenses, please write to me at

Excellent!. I am an Engineer that need to provide a dashboard to our project director. I use your template and I made some tweaks to summarize/customize as per our requirement. The results were amazing. They love it. Thanks very much!!!!

Daniel, Project Lead in Canada

About Chandoo

Chandoo, Microsoft Excel MVP, Blogger and DadHi there, at, we have one goal - "to make you awesome in Excel and Charting". I have started writing about Excel & Charting in year 2007. Since then I have learned hundreds of things about using excel, becoming productive and shared them with our little community here. I have received prestigious MVP award from Microsoft for contributions made to Excel community for last 9 years (2009-2017).

Customer Testimonials

Hi, I have just started to use the Gantt chart templates. They are very intuitive and so far EASY for me to use. Thank you very much for this product and the support/additional info!
I especially appreciate the price point for your product. I could not have afforded it otherwise. Again, THANKS!!!
-Beth R (bought Excel 2003 version)

REALLY EXCELLENT – helps guys like me with limited Excel skills.
-Pierre (bought Excel 2007 version)

I think that the templates are excellent.
A million times better for my audience than the data directly from MS Project. Keep up the good work
-Adam Kenneally (bought Excel 2003 version)

-Jeff Hammons (bought Excel 2007 version)

Excellent! I was looking forward to this and you’ve done it again.

The template give me lot of convenience to monitor the thing to do. It is simple. Thank you

Don't waste any more of your precious time! Order the Excel project management template collection, and get up and running right away.
-Debra Dalgleish, Microsoft Excel MVP

The Project Management Templates come with 30 days unconditional money back guarantee

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